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One Hour Photo (trailer)

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13 thoughts on “One Hour Photo (trailer)

  1. Jumanji=Alan Parrish
    One Hour Photo= Sy Parrish

  2. Having known Williams' solely for Aladdin, I was STUNNED at how mesmerizing and gut-wrenching this performance was that captured the pain of lonliness and social isolation. Sy is such a heartbreaking man, and seeing Robin reach these emotional depths was astonishing and heartbreaking knowing his inner demons. Damn shame he didnt not win an Academy Award or even get nominated for the greatest acting performance of his career.

  3. Such a cringey movie. Terrible.

  4. this movie is just amazing

  5. I dont understand why hollywood use people who are lonely/socially akward as villains…the worst serialkiller/psychopaths have normal lifes and families in the real world

  6. Underrated, one of the best movies i ever seen in my life

  7. great film. very emotive.

  8. You don't know me, but my name's Sy, I'm just the O'Hare delivery guy.

  9. there's a stereotypical thing about introverts. sometimes the kids that don't associate with other kids end up being killers. u hear it all the time on the news. ''he/ she always kept to himself/herself. i don't understand why he/she would commit a crime like this.''

  10. such a great underrated move! one of my favorites!

  11. Can't get over the level of (contrived) creepiness of this movie. Thumbs down for me.

  12. By far my favorite Robin Williams film. I covered the theme from the movie on piano if anyone wants to check it out!

  13. Thats why you shouldn't inhale photo developing chemicals.

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