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OnCue Group In Aisle Price Checker Mini Kiosk

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8 thoughts on “OnCue Group In Aisle Price Checker Mini Kiosk

  1. Mr. Basson, Just seeing your message.  It might be a little late but I thought I might check in with you.  Request accepted if you are still interested.

  2. Any idea about average pricing?

  3. yep. seems like Oncue really got their act together. like a shopping tablet – touch screen, standard apps, hdmi out,usb, SD card, barcode scanner. it is really user friendly and versatile as price checker or mini kiosk of any kind.

  4. Wow! the whole product seems really good… 🙂 Wish we had similar in our stores…

  5. Looks really great! It would be awesome to have info like this readily available in stores! Can't wait to start seeing these around.

  6. We have been amazed by the response of the big players in the market to our general purpose, multiple application, single platform oncue mini kiosks. We are receiving partner requests daily for a huge variety of different applications and environments. Seems we have hit the sweet spot of rugged + versatile + cost effective. The right I/O combinations, all three big operating systems, plus local customization, manufacture and support.

  7. Thanks for the comments!

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