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Obduction Gameplay – “HELLO!?! ANYONE HOME?!?” Ep01 – Let’s Play Walkthrough

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12 thoughts on “Obduction Gameplay – “HELLO!?! ANYONE HOME?!?” Ep01 – Let’s Play Walkthrough

  1. Question – is this dude constantly punching himself in the nuts to get his voice all douchey like that?

  2. Zdraveite? May I ask why you used this particular word for 'hello'? 🙂

  3. Is there any butt probing? I'm asking for …uh…a friend.

  4. Why do people feel it necessary to talk with dumb and cooky voices? WTF?

  5. "baller baller pick it up and holler" lmao nice

  6. hey generik I your biggest fan I know the live streams over

  7. I love your videos they are amazing! The only thing that kind of bothers me is you seem to make a lot of random noises, talk, and sing/hum when people are talking or when it's during a pretty intense part of the games you play and it's pretty distracting and it kind of takes away from the game play. Other than that great job!

  8. theres only 34 haters

  9. Reminds me of the 90s point and click games like 7th Guest or 11th Hour!

  10. You should totally play silent hill

  11. gotta love that people playing the game dont even pay attention to what is on their screen

  12. Been thinking about getting the VR version of this game for my rift

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