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Obama: ATM and Airport Kiosk Machines Cause Unemployment

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18 thoughts on “Obama: ATM and Airport Kiosk Machines Cause Unemployment

  1. makes sense to me

  2. How much ATM repairs technicians you have to hire to replace banks tellers out of work.

  3. Lol how much of an economic illiterate do you have to be to spew the technological unemployment line?

  4. What Obama failed to say is how many people are employed building and servicing those ATMs and kiosks. Romney/Ryan 2012 – The Comeback Team.

  5. Even though I hate… HATE Obama… I have to defend him on this… There is 50 states and 6 territorys… And lol harvard? HE LIED ABOUT THAT XD

  6. Last time I checked ATM machines have only been around for 30 years

  7. @monez14 ewww Perry sucks he'll be another bush

  8. clueless moron

    – "Austrian" is a language
    – 57 States in America
    – "Corps-man" when honoring soldiers

    And they think Bush was stupid? Lol this affirmative action moron went to Harvard. What an empty suit.

    PERRY 2012!

  9. @lovemesomevols

    He's not arguing against that. He's just saying that automation is replacing jobs. What Obama doesn't get is that there isn't necessarily a balance between the jobs that technology creates and the jobs that it replaces, we're getting to a point where automation is removing the jobs in the service sector while not creating jobs anywhere else.

  10. This asshole is the single greatest enemy and threat to this nation in our history, fuck the Chinese the Nazi's, Joesph Stalin they knew they couldn't take America and never would have even tried, this son of a bitch however is destroying it from the white house cause he's a lunatic lefty zealot dead set on creating a utopian society because he thinks he's God. If you ask me he's INTENTIONALLY collapsing this economy to change the political structure, create dependency and you have socialism.

  11. @SteelyDan324 Actually you forgot about the Bush economy. He had to deal with the downturn after 9-11 and then we were in boom times until the housing bust caused everything to crash. Go see Barney Frank and Dhris Dodd and ask them why they pushed through the policies that caused the housing bubble. The most money I ever made in my life was made during the Bush years. Now I hope not to lose my home before the economy gets better. Socialism is evil and never succeeds in the end. Bill

  12. @SteelyDan324 Oh yeah! And don't forget all those people who had to build and install them! Oh wait… That wasn't sarcasm… Oh well.

  13. @earlyhemibill And the economy did just great with Bush in charge. He clearly had no power to do anything about the economic crisis that started on his watch, which subsequently went global. /s

  14. @hooplablahblahblah Exactly! Those ATM maintenance people have good jobs. Sitting inside that little box handing out dollar bills. And boy are they fast at counting. There's clearly as many jobs in ATM maintenance as there was with bank tellers before ATM's.

  15. I wonder who exactly maintains these ATMs and Automated Kiosk? Huh? Oh. People.

  16. Obama is clueless.

  17. @mattman624 Yes, I'm reading what you're saying. If Obama and his socialist ilk would gett he hell out of the way and let the American people do what they do best, the economy would skyrocket. Why in the hell do the Democrats have to meddle in everything large and small when it comes to the economy? Just leave us alone and we'll do just fine. Bill

  18. wow; he must've assembled the finest team of psychics ever! I smell a tv series on somewhere on the horizon

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