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No processing fees for online renewal and registration

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3 thoughts on “No processing fees for online renewal and registration

  1. I renewed online back in October and still have not received my ID.

  2. I can't renew online because I moved. It didn't use to be that way. It didn't matter if I moved I could still renew online. so much for that system.

  3. Someone please tell me why California charges $297 in license fees? Which causes my renewal to be $377? I'm from Texas and vehicle registration renewal is only $68. Honestly it seems as if there is some sort of corruption or unneeded pushes on tax in this state. Can someone answer my question, I am really confused here.

    (Paying the government in upwards of $500 a year for a car I own seems ridiculous.)

    I just did the math and there are 840 cars per 1000 people in California, that means that California makes $8.1 Billion in tax revenue/renewal/register fees through the DMV. This is dumb. Where does all of this go, you walk through LA and all the roads and sidewalks are complete crap and there are no building regulations.

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