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No Country For Old Men Coin Toss HD

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11 thoughts on “No Country For Old Men Coin Toss HD

  1. At around 3:30 there's an audio change, just noticed that. The line "and it's either heads or tails" sounds like it was dubbed in post while the rest of the dialogue seems to be from the set. Interesting, his accent might've been a little too heavy the first time around on that line.

  2. Almost like me…

  3. How much does a life cost? Just half of a coin plus another half of a coin.

  4. "You're a bit deaf, aren't ya?"

  5. No crazy CG, no complex dialog, no action, pure acting. This is what truly makes movies art…

  6. Iv never seen this film but iv watched this scene 20 times. I worry the rest of the film might not stand up

  7. ill have to try something too cnversate with someone at the gas station and pay only a quarter for my purchases.

  8. 142 goobers…

  9. Bardem: "what's the most you've ever lost in a coin toss?"
    me: "my virginity"
    Bardem: "wrong" * flips coin, "your anal virginity"

  10. The tension in this scene alone is purely phenomenal.

  11. Lost, Confuse….don't know what the this scene is all about…porbably need to read the book…or the screenplay…
    GOD DAMN WTF WAS THAT….yes ive seen the movie and my opp on it is irrelevant right now

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