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Nintendo Switch – Play anytime, anywhere, with anyone

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17 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch – Play anytime, anywhere, with anyone

  1. who else noticied that the switch logo is not symetrical?

  2. is this in india?

  3. not a single child in the video

  4. I want to buy this band boy

  5. when the guy fell in the pool i was worried about the controller

  6. True story of me taking a dump and playing like that guy

  7. The Kids Are Gonna Rage Before The Parental Controls Activate 0_0

  8. That's me 4:24

  9. please 5 million buy nintendo switch

  10. Plz I am very close to 100 subs on my YouTube channel I do Nintendo Switch videos along with virtual reality videos also other gaming consoles thank you for the support have a great day!!!

  11. 2:52This is why im not buying it for my child, it kills people. And wouldnt the joycon break underwater?

  12. Can i buy this at viet nam

  13. 1 2 Switch can't be THAT bad

  14. cow Blowjob

  15. if i had a nintendo switch from my anniversary, i'm going to be happy

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