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Nintendo NES Kiosk Store Display – Kacy Da Game Nerd

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16 thoughts on “Nintendo NES Kiosk Store Display – Kacy Da Game Nerd

  1. wow that stuff is all in really nice shape do you have to do cleaning when you pick up those kiosks

  2. awsome stuff i love it

  3. Dude that's totaly a Bonk game for the gamecube

  4. MetalJesus sent me here.
    Nice kiosk, are you going to do a video of your other 16 kiosk's? I collect video game kiosk's as well and would like to check out your collection.

  5. Very nice.
    17 kiosks?
    I get grief whenever I bring home another NES or Megadrive.
    If I came home with just one kiosk, I might as well keep on walking and out the back door

  6. anyone else here because of MetalJesusRocks ???

  7. can you do a walk through of your entire kiosk collection?

  8. i think the reason you dont have a lot of subsribers is you find so much shit it just doesnt make sence ive never sceen so many games from one person you are veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lucky

  9. So when do I just get to stay over and live at your place so I can at least pretend your collection is mine lol. Seriously, epic find right there. I've had one or two opportunities to get a kiosk, but the price was way out of my league.

  10. How many episodes would it take to cover your game room. Do u have a m82

  11. My wife says the same thing when I got my Kiosk lol. Nice video bro

  12. My first pick up of 2016 is a complete in box AGS 101 silver GBA SP and batman a long Halloween for $45,

  13. Damn every week he gets a butt load of new stuff

  14. you always get cool pickups!

  15. Please do a room tour video

  16. That's a really cool mod! lol love that your wife caught you, haha! Good deal, too!

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