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Nintendo Interactive Retail Store Displays

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13 thoughts on “Nintendo Interactive Retail Store Displays

  1. 9:12 your worst nightmare

  2. The best part of this video is that I have no idea why I like it.

  3. I genuinely think this is the coolest concept ever, turning retro systems into arcade cabinets practically.

  4. I call the SNES a Sneeze … :3

  5. 6:58 I love how he restarted the gameboy by accident without even noticing.

  6. lol omg jake, i love you

  7. And then came the Playstation and all this kiddyshit got usesless.

  8. hahahahaha

  9. Why do we have to live with Dank Memes?? And not actual cool stuff like this

  10. Store owners had to kick me out of their shops cos i was one with their nintendo displays lol

  11. Didn't understand any of that.
    Dick is now stuck in toaster.

  12. No 64 display

  13. This poor man never sleeps, Nintendo keeps him wired for nefarious purposes. You can tell that when he says, "I like it really high." he's actually saying "Please I beg of you, end my suffering."

    Fortunately the cool kids from SEGA will soon come to his rescue with a nice soft pillow, stuffed Sonic toy and some lullabies.

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