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Nintendo 64 Retail Demo Kiosk

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14 thoughts on “Nintendo 64 Retail Demo Kiosk

  1. my orthodontist has two of these with wave race 64, 1080 avalanche, cruisn' USA, and Namco museum 64.

  2. How did you get your hands on that having one would be like my dream do you know if you can put in a different n64?

  3. How did you manage to get this thing?

  4. U sound like ur three doors away.

  5. How much do these cost?

  6. Liked subbed

  7. that cat doe…. chillin like a boss

  8. I just picked up a demo myself just like yours but I do have the magnetic Super Mario 64 if you would like to see a picture of it let me know

  9. wow nice one 🙂

  10. my old local mcdonalds used to have 3 of these in the play place

  11. by the way is it forsure a 22" samsung tv or is it a 21" philips tv?

  12. I got a question. I just got a nintendo 64 kiosk like yours but it's missing the light to light up the bubble dome piece and don't have a single clue on what it looks like. would you happen to have a picture of it?

  13. Hi im a new subscriber and can you make a review of crussin world for the n64?

  14. Nice content! n_n

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