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NFC Equipped Interactive Kiosks at Cisco Live 2013

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11 thoughts on “NFC Equipped Interactive Kiosks at Cisco Live 2013

  1. Looks like an iphone for King Kong.

  2. It's actually not powered by your typical PC, but powered by Cisco's IEC 4610 for all the kiosk, this is the same device that powered the 60 touch screens for registration at CiscoLive.

  3. What kind of computer do you use for hacking?

  4. A brand new movie theater opened up in my neighborhood and uses these to dispense tickets. Even lets you preview trailers of the movie. I first walked in like wow, these are the biggest iPads I have ever seen.

  5. I currently work on NFC projects, NFC is coil technology.

  6. NFC is near field communication, it simply uses a 2 wire coil with an enabling clock signal and a low voltage power source along with an interpreting IC. Basically allows charging at low speeds as well as the ability to read smart cards, and many types of magnetic programmable storage devices. Much like RFID, but a low tech solution for a fraction of the cost.

  7. Pls try and upload your videos in wmv or flv format cos mp4 format does not work on most windows 7 OS except for starter.

  8. all fine and well but how about the cloud linking to cell phones? most people have touch screen phones or at least smartphones.

  9. I like it when NFC is used like this. I really don't think it has a place with Credit Cards, security and other sensitive data though. Find it really worrying that a lot of banks just issue these debit cards out without even asking if you want one.

  10. qr code or a code bar wouldn't provide you security which is needed when we use such kiosks in a corporate environment. The beauty of NFC is that you can include security protocols to provide authentication and other simple protocols to make it secure and customise according to your needs and on top of that NFC uses the free band slot thus works only in close range thus making it cheaper for bigger organisations.

  11. Thanks Eli 🙂

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