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NFA Trusts through Silencer Shop Kiosk Review || The Bullet Points

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11 thoughts on “NFA Trusts through Silencer Shop Kiosk Review || The Bullet Points

  1. To bad trusts are now more a pain in the ass.

  2. If we all support the hearing protection act we may be able to get suppressors declassified from the NFA and then we can just buy them without having to go through a bunch of legal crap.

  3. Is this just for trust or can individuals use it, mainly for the fingerprints?

  4. can it be used as an individual

  5. will this work on sbrs?

  6. Great …. So where are all these kiosks located in these United States?

  7. my question is how does the other "responsible persons" add there photo and finger prints. we tryed today and couldnt figure it out and the people who worked at the shop we were at didn't really want to help us. really kinda pissed me off. I know they get a email and a code but we couldn't figure out after we used this code how to add them to the info

  8. Update your photo every 12 months???? Tell us more…

  9. nice system can't wait to get started with a nfa trust

  10. oh and do they have a list of locations where to find kiosks???

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