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New California Regulation & FDA Regulations

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14 thoughts on “New California Regulation & FDA Regulations

  1. im 19 and I live in California. Can I still buy Vape juice online? I know you say in the video that if your 18 and up you are eligible to purchase online, but I just want to make sure. Otherwise, I'll be on the safe side and wait till im 21.

  2. i dont get it all the. this law is not enforceable. 18 year olds are still going to order stuff online. and the vape shops that dont give a fuck about the law is still going to sell to them. so again i dont see this really being a problem. its only a problem if the shops and online venders give in.. fuck the law.

  3. my left ear enjoyed this

  4. Damn I live in Nevada you can be a minor to have one

  5. what about shopping online? I'm not into vaping as in the juices but buying a vaporizer for wax. Will they go as far as checking my debit cards purchases?

  6. The FDA can eat my shit

  7. wate if i am 18 and i own a vape is that unlawful ?

  8. The FDA is full of stupidity, if u wanna talk about America's smoking problem it starts off with education, not laws and regulations. At the end of the day it's your lifestyle choice and the government should not tell us what to put in our bodies especially if were young adults. you're only healthy if you respect and accept for those who smoke or vape. Just because you may be healthy, it don't mean you're better than the people who have e smoking problem.

  9. the fda will never allow a cure for cancer or diabetes why should they help people get off of smoking??? don't you know itsabout money……. and control…… think about it then hold a demonstration at their front doors…

  10. Im about to move there and we dont have any regulations here in my country. Can I still bring my vape sets, eliquid, cotton and wires? Im 18. shit's fucked up

  11. so the 21 thing is cali only cause this isnt happing in washington state

  12. Here's how I see it. We're not stupid. We KNOW what we're putting in our bodies. If I wanna buy some cigarettes then damnit, let me buy some fucking cigarettes

  13. This is bullshit.. I'm 18, & I need SOMETHING to smoke.

  14. This is some BULLSHIT. Makes me wanna move somewhere else xD

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