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New Automated Passport Control (APC) Kiosks Launch at LAX Airport

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2 thoughts on “New Automated Passport Control (APC) Kiosks Launch at LAX Airport

  1. This made the process more problematic. Though the website says we skip custom declaration, it's false, we still need to write one and pass it on the way out. We still have to wait in a long line to see an officer and answer questions. Even worse, this stupid machine often spits large "X" on our receipts which guarantees redundant submission of biographic information and nasty questions from an officer. We never know why we get dreadful "X"s. Perhaps dry fingerprints; officers won't tell ya. It certainly adds to the process. Now that people from Visa Waiver nations are also directed to APC, everyone is confused, it's crowded, staffs so busy talk rudely, and the atmosphere is irritating. From what I've observed today, staffs seem to have made a lot of mistakes sorting people, Visa or not, US passport or not. With a hodgepodge of "X"s and non "X"s in line, I doubt even custom officials save much time. Welcome back.

  2. Time saver my ass, it adds to the process, where as before you could just go straight to the officer and to the carousel, everything done in 4 minutes, this adds to the time.

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