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  1. Kiosk

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11 thoughts on “NBA2K16 MY PARK REWARDS KIOSK

  1. ivd got like 5 notifications but i go up nothin there

  2. What park is that

  3. this games broke no wonder why it was free

  4. Thank you! I couldn't find it anywhere

  5. Whats your park??? It looks pretty

  6. good look

  7. Where is it for flyers?

  8. Oh, BIG NEWS guys: the game is now free as one of the 3 free games from ps plus. Basically I just throw 89€ in the toilet. Losers lose and I'm out.

  9. the only prize I receive is a 2 point after 45 tries at 100% charge shot with maxed shooting. Only in mypark

  10. It says I have prizes but I don't

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