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Nba2k16 My Park How To Rep Up Fast!!! Tutorial

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11 thoughts on “Nba2k16 My Park How To Rep Up Fast!!! Tutorial

  1. Watched. Good basketball. But defensive and shooting releasing help was turned on. I never use that in any mode.

  2. i can tell he from baltimore

  3. I became rookie 2 and then went back to rookie 1 when I went back on,anyone know why????? ;(

  4. With assists

  5. Anyone on xb1 a good player to help me rep up fast.?

  6. playing 21 reps up fast

  7. Mypark reps are bs. The games are too short to even get good grades most the time

  8. You sound like a monkey.

  9. 89pg lookin for a pf/c lol

  10. haha ya feel me but if Any1 wanna put a squad together hit me up on ps4,. gamertag is cumex_beast I'm 81 overall

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