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N64 Kiosk Pickup Video!

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10 thoughts on “N64 Kiosk Pickup Video!

  1. do you still have this Aaron? I go to the wagon wheel flea market all the time. I want to buy this from you

  2. dude how did you get this that awesome!

  3. Hey I'm curious do you still happen to have the not for resale nintendo 64 in this video?

  4. I want that, I'll pay 1000!

  5. Over a 1000….. at most its worth $300 so about an ipad mini i dout u'd get more

  6. gamecube kiosk is the best…but awesome kiosk n64

  7. Lol aaron probably did that he does a lot of nasty things that arnt normal

  8. I just got a nintendo 64 desktop kiosk for $250 and it is valued at $2300

  9. let me know if youll sell it i have money.

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