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My Nintendo Wii U Kiosk From Gamestop – Okchief420

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13 thoughts on “My Nintendo Wii U Kiosk From Gamestop – Okchief420

  1. I snagged one of these my self!!! I made a video also and inserted the directions sent by Nintendo to gamestop.

  2. Bruh I'm really happy for you

  3. I'm so freaking jealous, nice score.

  4. that's soo cool 🙂 last week I bought a wii u console for the first time ! 🙂

  5. Glad to see someone else appreciating the WiiU. I swear SO many gamers missed out on how awesome this console is.

  6. whoa nice find dude, looks amazing

  7. I gotta get my video out soon because I was able to snag one too.. well 2 actually.

  8. amazing and breathe taking

  9. I have one. My Gamestop gave it to me. 🙂

  10. Hey Chief are you buying a Nintendo Switch?

  11. thats crazy i just found one of these at my local gamestop, with screen and intact wires just need a wii u now, ive found them before but like you said theyre usually in pieces and without the screen

  12. I found an AMIIBO kiosk, screen was cracked but lights worked. I REALLY, REALLY hope my gamestop hasn't thrown this out yet…I go almost every night so surely not

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