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Murder She Wrote- ‘The Last Free Man’ (Feature Length Episode 2001)

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20 thoughts on “Murder She Wrote- ‘The Last Free Man’ (Feature Length Episode 2001)

  1. Unfucking believable how in the fawk are they trying to make the inhumane treatment by you mutated beast a beautiful harmonic thing.

  2. YEAH RIGHT LIKE THEY WERE SO APPALED NO THESE MUTANTS ARE THE SAME BEAST THAT FED OUR CHILDREN TO ALLIGATORS. This bitch acting like she was a savior when she was a slave owner.

  3. THIS CAVE BEAST SAID A CRUEL CAVE BEAST SLAVE OWNER LOOK LIKE A GOOD MAN. You cavers are soulless terrible beast.

  4. Watch This Show because IT IS the greatest heart true story ever made. Why it is SO important WE NEVER FORGET or allow anyone to change or REMOVE ANY of our TRUE American History. Because the TRUTH is the ONLY way WE can ever really know who we ALL as true Americans can know and value who we really are. To remove histort is to cause us all to be unimportant and have no real value at all as USA Citizens…STOP, government from changing and removing all of our true history because every time they do they are removing US ALL from ever even have lived and Amercia is ALL our home!!! STOP government from destroying all we suffered, died and lived on to be here today. All of us need to put US all first and always know it is US who all black and white who has made AMERICA the Greatest Country ever created! !!!!!

  5. Always such a thought provoking show thank you for posting.

  6. I just love how Savage Angela Lansbury is in all of these episodes

  7. And Samuel Pinckney's wife was played by Taraji P. Henson! How cool!!

  8. Oh my goodness, that actress who played Mary Culpepper-Mercer was later in Heroes as Matt's cheating wife

  9. MrScottwetherill – I really appreciate you putting the full episodes for some of the series.

  10. I love murder she wrote

  11. just a joke of course, but now i know why women were forced to wear long dresses, not only for fashion of the era, but also to prevent women from kicking some deserving men in the balls, even though ladies of the south were proper etc. i think in some cases, they'd like to throw caution to the wind and deck some of these idiot males

  12. wonder what that fancy officer was like after they lost the war and his fancy uniform or tore up and dirty?

  13. Arielle, in those days, slaves had no rights, even if they escaped to the north and were free, the white man still looked down upon them, thinking they were inferior. its a shame they never found out how, in some African nations, that the Africans were a lot more superior, if you want to use that term, than the white man ever was. they built great empires when the slavers were still in caves, or fighting thru their own dark ages.

  14. A very strong episode.

  15. I heard Mrs Potts and Cogsworth's voice in this TV film.

  16. I like how when Jessica introduces herself to the professor, she claims to have read several of her books. But she didn't recognize Jessica's face. From other episodes of MSW we know that Jessica's face appears on the dust jacket of her books….

  17. mrscottwetherill thanks for the upload i wish there were more

  18. The white people in this are idiots.

  19. Murder She Wrote literally is my mom childhood memory ❤❤

  20. Today, a lot Americans bitch & complain about rights, race, black rights, women's rights, white rights; the spoiled children of today will never know what true freedoms really mean, unless, you've experienced what it's like to be a black person being chase by bounty hunters, hosed down by police, lynched/hung for any petty reasons, or if you're a woman having to do your own abortion using a hanger & end up dying from bleeding to death bcoz, you can't seek medical care because abortion illegal! We, don't have to make America great again because from the past 100 yrs to the present,  we've improved greatly in fact we've evolved! Only, problem now is we have a president who what's to take us back to the hell of the past!

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