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Mobile Phone Petrol Station Explosion: Mythbusters

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11 thoughts on “Mobile Phone Petrol Station Explosion: Mythbusters

  1. it is blast

  2. The closest Adam got to being seriously hurt.

  3. Literally my friends yell at me whenever I pick up or make a call with my smartphone. I told them chill it's all a myth, you can watch the mythbuster. Suddenly everyone is a scientist, telling me no and in fact there's a 0.02% chance that it may still get ignited. The irony, one of them is a pure science graduate and he's telling the same goddamn thing. 0.02% where the effe did they get that figure?

  4. All they need is a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 LOL


  6. The fire triangle is thus – Air, Fuel, Ignition. A petrol station has 2 of those things all the time. Look up Lithium Battery Failure and see what happens. No Mobiles at petrol stations is a law to help prevent any possible source of ignition. Its why we cant wear steel toe capped boots on a forecourt and why skateboarding for fun round pumps is a no-no. Look at the handheld devices we use in a petrol station. They are laboratory tested, gas sealed, electronic handsets that go through torture before being deemed safe for use in an explosive environment. Mobile phones are NOT listed as safe for use in these environments. Fuel tanker depots are not allowed to use mobiles in any area where a build up of vapour is likely. This is the same rule for forecourts. Any area up to 4 meters around Off-Set fills (where tankers make deliveries), the tanker during a delivery, the vapour release vents, the petrol pumps, the Tank Manhole covers and the Interceptor drain vents are all hazardous zones. Interceptors take run off from a forecourt and pass it through multiple chambers with rain run-off separating fuel from water. And manholes do release vapour too. I have seen it in summer from the petrol manhole a wavy distortion seen at an angle. So stop listening to all these TV bulshit programs that just make light of a dangerous situation and use your common sense. Fires can and do happen at petrol stations because of carelessness. Petrol vapour is heavier than air and is always present during busy days. So please, just look and you will see the warning signs there to protect you, and us from fires we dont need. Thank you.

  7. My peeve is station employees smoking around the pumps.

  8. yeah there is one thing i dislike about this mythbusters story.

    it dosen't explain the uk petrol pump fires you can't leave the pump and return to the car whilst filling

  9. welp smartphone makes us less aware of our surrounding. We might accidentally create an ignition (spark) while on the phone.

  10. I have leather seats.

  11. Hmm this is weird timing. This episode aired in Oct 2003. Adam got married in 2002. Assuming the series was filmed a year in advance, that date must've gone very well.

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