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Mobile DJ Ideas – Battery Powered Phone Charging Kiosk

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16 thoughts on “Mobile DJ Ideas – Battery Powered Phone Charging Kiosk

  1. LOVE IT !
    I have been having the same problem were people disconnect my lights to connect their chargers. am going to implement this .

  2. I would add this to my deluxe pack. Interesting little idea.

  3. Now the phone theives will know where to go to steal a bunch of phones

  4. How about building a case with a power icon on it. You could illuminate the icon with a cool mini led light so people will know what it is. Just a thought.

  5. I have had the same idea and have tested out a few options. What I found works best is a charging station from Sams club for $20 on a small table near my booth. The charging station has 4 USB outlets and 2-3 Prong AC outlets. If you need more, buy a few and daisy chain them together. I do put my business cards on the table but I don't do any other signage. I make one announcement during Cocktails that it is available if guests need it. I put it near my system for an outlet, but far enough that people don't expect me to babysit their devices.

  6. Great Idea bud, put a spin on it to make it a Add on for the event package. Would you like a phone charging station ? Cha Ching $$$

  7. i love this idea… maybe on each table with a nice design

  8. how about a sexy Pole dancer on top of the table while charging so at least you get more than heaps one dollar tip at the end of mobile dj….like your idea

  9. also never plug into the kiosk as malls or airports lots of them are hacked and steal all your info did it once and a few passwords for my apps were comrimised my spotify my email idk what else

  10. you could easily build a kiosk with one of those or a couple cheaper high amp phone chargers like 2 20.000 miliamp charger with a multi port usb ran to the outside of box

  11. Interesting…….

  12. I'll pass on this that's not a dj problem if your phone is not charge and if you doing this are you charging extra for it?

  13. don't know if this crossed your mind but how do you keep yourself from being responsible or blamed for stolen or damaged phones (people spilling drinks on the table or knocking stuff over when trying to plug in or whatever?  have signs claiming you are not liable?

  14. The only issues I can see are THEFT. What if someone leaves their phone to charge, and someone else takes it. They would immediately go to you asking about their phone. Would you be liable since you provided the station? Also, very low chance of this, but what if the battery power inverter you provide some how messes up their phone. They will want you to pay for a new one. I also see it as extra work on your end that a client won't pay you for, but if you can get an additional $100 or more for providing a table and inverter, maybe it's worth it as an add on. I don't see clients willing to pay much for this option though.

  15. My next mall gig I'm gonna do this.

    It's like…a perfect idea.

  16. I like that idea

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