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MLB 2K13 Gameplay – Royals vs. Indians (Best Buy Kiosk)

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7 thoughts on “MLB 2K13 Gameplay – Royals vs. Indians (Best Buy Kiosk)

  1. Game sucks

  2. same exact game -.-

  3. The animations look pretty good

  4. I tired to buy it on the 4th at target and toys r us got to the counter in both tried to ring it up and it didnt ring up said they it had a street day release i was pissed. Almost pulled it off though.

  5. MLB 2k13 already came out for us yesterday and its only the 4th today XD I love mistakes

  6. seems like they are trying to fix the little things wrong with last years game, but other that nothing has changed. But other than the 100 little things with last years game, it was pretty good

  7. Not a demo, it's the full game. I set the replays to Often (default value) and not Occasionally, so I wonder if that's why it didn't show the double, which I hoped it would show.

    There are many other sliders I changed which may have changed how the CPU brought the ball into the infield, but I don't think there is an "awareness" slider of any sort that would have made that happen.

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