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MLB 2K13 Gameplay – Padres vs. Mets (Best Buy Kiosk)

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9 thoughts on “MLB 2K13 Gameplay – Padres vs. Mets (Best Buy Kiosk)

  1. Anyone else realiz they sold us $65 patch? that they literally did nothing but update the rosters, music, & take away League Play? They have no numbers listed to call & complain only email, There will be a class action lawsuit, their reasonings are FUNNY! Blow them up lets get a class action lawsuit going and get our $65 back for a SHITTTTY GAME! 2K Sports Tech Support #1-866-219-9839 (EVERYONE THUMBS UP THIS IF YOU AGREE SO THIS WILL STAY AT THE TOP & OTHERS CAN SEE IT)

  2. if there's a RottenTomatoes for a game, this thing would've received 0% rating.

    exactly the same as the 2k12 🙁

  3. Im getting it too i am just sad

  4. lol it CLEARLY says MLB2k13 in the background of the actual game. He's CLEARLY in a kiosk as he stated…..WTF makes you think/say that this is 2k12? morons……..

  5. Looks just like 2K12 but is there any changes to 2K13?

  6. You're telling me my video is MLB 2K12?

    Try again, sir.

  7. It is 12.

  8. every 2k game is exactly the same just updated rosters, ill buy it though, get at me if anyone wants to play on xbox, st1ckeyfingers, was ranked 7th on 2k11

  9. Looks alot alike 2k12 🙁

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