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MLB 10 The Show: Best Buy Kiosk – Twins/Yankees ALDS Intro

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12 thoughts on “MLB 10 The Show: Best Buy Kiosk – Twins/Yankees ALDS Intro

  1. @Planktontwo This is youtube dumbass, theres obviously gonna be foul language if you wanna pick a fight. To me none of that financial bullshit matters. I just love the sport. roger clemens played for many teams and used steroids throughout his career. So dont blame that on the yankees. In conclusion, your obviously jealous that you know the all-time best team so you bailing and calling the win yours. nOpe thats not the way it goes. Just face it i won. Go home and cry

  2. @fonesmart123 Do you know how ignorant you sound. The name Yankees and steroids are one in the same. Maybe you personally do not give steroids, but the trainers do. Ask Mr. Clemens if you do not believe that. Also, I do not need to call you names or use foul language to prove a point, which you have not. If not for Mr. Steinbrenner, there would not be free agency as it is today, paying multi-millions to those who simply do not deserve it. I don't wanna hear anymore about it.

  3. @Planktontwo First get your fucking sentences right you fucking prick! If your gonna insult someone do it right! I mean really. "At least other teams do not have not have buy teams from other teams to win it and then whine if they dont." Like wtf does that mean did you type this on your short-bus back home. XD. We dont give steroids, blockhead! Its not our fault were making more money than everyone else is dude! Thats just how it rolls. Bitch, you jsut keep taking it up the ass. Go Yanks!

  4. @fonesmart123 LOL. Well. At least other teams do not have not have to buy teams from other teams to win it and then whine if they don't. Steinbrenner started what will ruin baseball. Overpricing free agency to kill lower market teams. Oh wait! Did I mention the Yankees leading the lead in giving steroids to players?? Gee put the two together and it seems as though the management will do anything to win. Ask anyone else outside of New York if you do not believe me. And I am not a bitch.

  5. @Planktontwo the yankees dont suck, who has 27 time champions? that right bitch

  6. @DVJFan Its a video game for crying out loud. Has nothing to do with reality. But yes the Yankees suck.

  7. Playing The Show on a 1080p hd tv is like no experience ever! You will play this game for hours and love every minute of it.

  8. ¿Está realmente en Best Buy? ¿Por qué filmar su video allí? XD

  9. @exitzone ur a retard. im a yankee fan dumb ass

  10. @TheComputermonster12 This video was taken pre-release of the game where the only place you could play it was at best buy. I took this footage mainly for people on a gaming forum to be able to see presentation aspects of the game before release date.

  11. R u seriously filming in best Buy?? This is a sad world.

  12. @dvdfge2 – who pays the top of the line scouts to find those "homegrown" players?

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