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Minority Report Scene Gap Store

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11 thoughts on “Minority Report Scene Gap Store

  1. The future of advertising.
    I don't want to live on this planet anymore…

  2. I want to know who's eyes mr yamamoto got

  3. A store for GAYs' cloths

  4. I can't wait till our future is like this

  5. if only billie holiday would be played in a gap store now ! (instead of the disco horrible stuff they play)

  6. Nice movie and great Philip Dick!

  7. 1 person got fired from the gap .

  8. @hotgirlsarehot Absolutely. I was immediately hooked within the first 5 minutes.

  9. This holographic woman is much nicer than the people working at my city's GAP stores, and would prefer this to the ones who ignore you or make eye contact but don't smile.

  10. This movie is underrated at Rottentomatoes. 93% is too low.

    This movie is revolutionary and 20 years from now, I bet you most of the technology shown in Minority Report will not be perfected or not even available.

    Great acting, score, story, and very creative. One of the best opening scenes of ANY movie I remember seeing. Gets you excited, engaged, and wanting to know more in a unique, non-pretentious way.

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