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Micro-tiny homes as freedom from codes & loans

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15 thoughts on “Micro-tiny homes as freedom from codes & loans

  1. This is all nothing new. If you've ever grew up on a ranch you found yourself every summer living in a sheep trailer or wall tent. I spent the first three yrs of my life living in a sheep wagon then every spring through fall in one until I graduated. My grandparents who grew up on the reservation and had lived in tepees when younger doing it long before it was stylish. As I said before you people doing this now are not pioneers or ground breakers . This has been going on as long as man has been around.

  2. Love this, When I was young my parents purchased a dilapidated house with four acres of land, so as a kid I had great fun making tree house's, on ground camps and my favourite, was a fully waterproofed underground den, that once the door was shut you couldn't see it. when my parents sold the house, the main treehouse, that was 20ft up in a huge tree was left in place and managed to survive up until the point new owners brought someone in to remove it. when we went to visit a few years later, they commented on how well built it was. I still really appreciate anyone that has your gift and love for small, fun houses.

  3. Unbelievable ingenuity ,I've seen other people do the wine bottle thing that is so cool.

  4. So,this is what Carlos Pesina does on the side? 🙂

  5. Wow, tiny houses are so nice.

  6. I like the triangular house it is about the most basic shelter possible as an are is require for a stove not impinging on the sleeping area for safety. It is also necessary to get the most simple structure built in the least amount of time, extend and improve at your leisure as materials become available. Check out our house at Evelyn Grace Academy when we get it done.

  7. I love him and his channel!

  8. So creative. His speaking voice is so cool.

  9. You Rock man!!!!

  10. What a cool guy!!

  11. I love the creativity you put into these fun little shelters.  I've seen some of your other videos and creations.  I sure give you credit for going forward and being a pioneer in this small house movement.  Keep it up.  Where can I get a copy of your book?

  12. I love this kind of stuff. I built a playhouse for my daughter that was built from mostly found/recycled materials. It was so cute! It was 6 ft at the roof peak, so I could stand up in it, and it had a foldout table, windows with shutters and flowerboxes and there were even cabinets inside. I also built her the coolest tree house, that spanned two trees with a 7 foot slide, with swings underneath. Unfortunately, a tornado felled one of the treehouse trees, and it smooshed the play house as well.
    I also love tiny houses, and wonder what it would be like to live in one.

  13. There is a very thin line between OSB and OCD.

  14. "The number 28 signifies NOTHING" lols
     love Deek

  15. I absolutely LOVE what you are doing here! Since I started watching these videos from Kirsten, about small and tiny houses, I felt like I had found what I was looking for. I'm 20 now and I am starting uni next year, but I have always been very independent and I've had this dream of owning my own house for quite a while now, but everything is always so expensive. You have to spend your whole life paying back for your house and that is not what I want; I want to live a life where I can really LIVE and not continuously have to worry about bills.
    This video, believe me, will be a great inspiration (as all of the other videos) when building (or getting built) my own home. Why should we always live in boxes? This shows that there is SO much more to a house than you'd think. Thank you so much for sharing this and inspiring me 🙂 

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