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Menace II Society – Liquor Store Robbery

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11 thoughts on “Menace II Society – Liquor Store Robbery

  1. all that damn liquor n they didn't take shit, smh

  2. while every body saying the are our yellow brothers and sisters, they ain't shit to us but some more racists muthafuckin japs

  3. I knew there was something familiar about that grocery store man. He's also the grocery store man in Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

  4. "I feel sorry for your mudda" dude wanted to die.. lol

  5. Yellow dude deserved a pistol whip, not two murders.

  6. That fella should have not said anything about his moma. I really don't like seeing this part. Felt bad for the Asians who lost their lives bc of a young, hot-headed nigga!

  7. Young Savage Why You Trappin so hard

  8. I like o-dogs style, he gives zero fucks.

  9. O-Dog could be lil yachty if his hair was red

  10. Real talk the Koreans had it hard than us in the hood, not knowing if you could get killed over dumb shit like beer or 6 dollars.

  11. If that really couldnt keep his mouth shut he would've said it in his mother language

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