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  1. I agree 100%.

  2. I like how the title makes it seems like everyone works at McDonald's hell nahh

  3. In a few more years your food will be printed. Most likely from human remains and excrement much like the work being done in Japan.

  4. Instead of paying minions of monkey suits large salary's they should pay a little more the people actually serving the customers with a smile. Once few people have jobs due to mechanical replacements, who will there be to sell burgers to?
    Smart _ss greedy corporations killing themselves eventually! No sale= no biz.

  5. any machine is smarter then any mac worker who even has trouble pushing a button at the reg. and getting it wrong .. great bring the machine on .. can not get any worse ..

  6. Robots will do more and more and more…. what was it some guy at Ford said to a union rep " look at all those robots making cars, how will you get them to pay your union dues???" union guy says " more to the point, how are you going to get them to buy your cars?" The global economy works on consumption. If the masses have no job and therefor no money how can we consume??? The star trek way of like will come but its going to be a shit storm till we get there

  7. They already do that here in Europe! Most McDonalds have self serve kiosks!

  8. If a person working at Mcdonalds gets 15 dollars an hour, then i should be getting paid 60 dollars an hour .

  9. Kiosks and robots will be more available.

  10. and then they all shit themselves when nobody buys their cheap crap because all the service jobs are automated.

  11. These fucking bottom of the ladder employees need to go obtain a skill that's worth 15 dollars an hour. Flipping burgers is a job for an entry level person like a high school kid just getting their feet wet working for their own money. They don't come close to deserving that wage. Bunch of uneducated lazy motherfuckers need to stop sucking off the real workers of America. Anybody who disagrees is obviously limited in the IQ department or their a liberal welfare loving Bernie Sanders supporter. GO GET A REAL JOB.

  12. Down sizing to skeleton crews is the American ways in Japan they cut from the top

  13. Australia already has the ' create your own taste' Kiosks that let you order the food, and you just pick it up, which has cut back the amount of people serving at the counter down to one.

  14. Well it's not like it's new technology. They are experimenting with autonomous drones and robotic military. They are even playing with the idea of developing AI that will develop AI. They won't be happy until they realize they forgot the kill switch when the AI realizes it's more efficient then it's own inventor just after the inventor realizes he programmed it to eliminate inefficiencies.
    Wait til congress and the rest of the government figures out they are no longer needed. That's right. No need for politicians. with everyone having access to a computer and internet all they need to do is post a proposed law and everyone log into a secure site to cast their vote once a week. Vote gets tallied whala then the bills and issues are either approved or disapproved then sent to a robotic president then SCOTUS for comparison to the constitution. How's that for unintended consequences that Sanders keeps bringing up in his debates with Hillary. She minimum waged herself out of office.

  15. NNN, I love your videos, and I hate to be a nit-picker, but I really think you should stop using ALL CAPS in your titles. It's harder to read than all lower case, and it offends some people, too, because they view all caps as shouting.

    Also, by using lower case, and capitalizing only the first letter of each word in titles, more words will fit in the thumb nails, so people will be able to read the whole title in more cases.

  16. I dote like coffee robots. plus a lot of people lose job. This is part of the new work order that is bad

  17. Eff Mickey Ds- give them to ISIS!

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