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McDonald’s Order Kiosk – Urban Game Changer Florida

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12 thoughts on “McDonald’s Order Kiosk – Urban Game Changer Florida

  1. not sure the humble small hamburger is even still on the menu screen at my local McD's so this will make the big, confusing, incomplete menu they have a whole lot simpler to navigate! thanks for the video

  2. This is the reason why I refuse to work with coworkers/supervisor. I rather deal with machines instead of human beings. Machines are very straight-forward, they just take your order right away without judging you based on your appearance. I want to see Trader Joe's, Gristedes, Mitsuwa, any grocery/supermarket to set up self-service kiosks so I don't have to talk to anyone. I don't want to be judged, that's why I prefer a kiosk. Human beings are on the verge of extinction. Anyone that criticize me is a fucking idiot. Misanthropes are the ones that I respect instead of those who criticize me. I will stay unemployed unless I can make money online by myself. I want to work by myself so that way no one can pick/bully me.

  3. I hate a coon ass nigga

  4. McDonalds should offer a discount to customers who are willing to use the self-service.

  5. We all knew that was coming. Any idea who developed the kiosk?

  6. Bring back da Steak Bagel!

  7. so much about innovation. instead of goin to mc donalds and not beein forced to touch anything, you now have to touch that touchpad. any ideas how dirty those things are and lolmao this is an place flooded with people. omg… do they want u to wash hands before u eat there ?

  8. This would have happened even if the minimum wage stayed the same

    I'd be really surprised if one of those kiosks cost more that $5000 each; that's way less than a years salary on the current minimum wage.

    Automation is replacing a massive amount of human jobs; in new york there's a chatbot that challenges parking tickets for you and it has like a 70% success rate

  9. God in heaven. Finally, the promises of the 21st century are being realized.

  10. why you cut the video without taking the meal?

  11. they just putting the costumer to work fuck that!

  12. Good luck with keeping your jobs, bunch of stupid robots will replace you all, now how will you pay for that burger dummy !

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