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McDonald’s Most Expensive Burger!

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19 thoughts on “McDonald’s Most Expensive Burger!

  1. that last was being annoying like shut up and let him eat his food

  2. he seems like a very nice guy

  3. كفوووووووو

  4. Do you have 5 min for our lord and savior Jesus christ lmfao haha jk

  5. Why doesnt he gain weight

  6. I'm fasting and my mouth is watering right now

  7. 1 billion calories and a diet drink. Legit.

  8. WolfieRaps made a $100 McDonald's Burger…

  9. Sponsered by Feed The Children

  10. diet coke is way worse for you than normal coke

  11. "Im definitely not full" BOI THAT WOULD FEED ME FOR A MONTH

  12. Omg I think you might have to go to the toilet 10 times a day

  13. Absolutely disgusting shit.
    Get a real job bitch

  14. overwatch ist abschaum

  15. when you order a burger from McDonalds and get 5$ of taxes

  16. I would appreciate it if I could hit 100 subs

  17. If someone touched my food with MASSIVE nails
    I'd wack the living daylights out of em

  18. So used to u eating faster

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