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McDonalds Is Replacing Employees With Touchscreen Automated Self-Service Kiosks

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6 thoughts on “McDonalds Is Replacing Employees With Touchscreen Automated Self-Service Kiosks

  1. We've had these for over a year here, they're awesome. Slower than a regular staff but you can visually see all your choices and customizations and can go at your own pace.

  2. This is NOT what it "comes to" because of $15 hour wage (which isn't enough to survive and thrive on, we can all agree). Automation is the IMPROVEMENTS in standards that we all get to benefit from. THAT is a Good thing !

  3. These have been in Australian McDonalds stores for 2 years, they are mostly ignored.

  4. the frustrating is waiting for slow people to work the machine.

  5. Why is the word hungry spelled as Hungary in the description? The way you spelled it is such that it refers to the name of a landlocked country in Europe and not the state of going without food for a time. Point is still valid, though. The robots are coming and so it is best to get into a field of work that is not easily automated.

  6. $15 minimum wage just makes this stuff happen a few years earlier. It's coming regardless.

    Wait until burger flipping machines are cheap and reliable enough, the people out the back will be gone too.

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