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McDonalds Create Your Own Burger Review

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15 thoughts on “McDonalds Create Your Own Burger Review

  1. These are so good, cause the menu at my McDonalds sucks so if I wasn't sure what I wanted, I couldn't browse what they had available.

  2. very CUTE fry basket! Nice lettuce, too! Pretty hands, lady!

  3. It's funny that the union,who you pay for protection of your jobs get money to create the protest for more money.But in reality,if you get more money,they get more of your money too.So who gets screwed at the end of the deal…the average worker…

  4. Big Macs have trans fats in them.

  5. what that almost looks healthy. why does the food at mcdonalds not look like that here in USA

  6. ….Just read Yahoo News, (November 30th, 2016) McDonald's don't want to pay the 15 dollars per hour and turned to self-service, will lay off staff, typical Jewish owned business, Jews penny pinching as always.

  7. More choices … nice. Who needs a counter person.

  8. There are tons of ppl who don't even know how to use a debit machine these days so it doesn't eliminate the cashier or drive thru but… I hate talking or standing in line so i should give this a try…i wish you could order anything from the menu on this machine and not just create your own burger

  9. now that's what my burgers should look like!!

  10. Steak n Shake is way better than this overpriced crap.

  11. USA dont have these machines yet casue they too fuckin stupid to operate the machines.Imagine those low IQ people trying to figure this out LOL there would be a line up out the door.A 45 IQ in america is classed as above average 😀

  12. It looked promising until they showed that patty and starting talking about everything being cold. I think I'd pass on this and go to Chili's myself. It's probably less expensive for the food and they have awesome margaritas to go with it.

  13. Is the natural cheddar unprocessed? Cause I hate processed cheese.

  14. Good luck with keeping your jobs, bunch of stupid robots will replace you all, now how will you pay for that burger dummy !

  15. It seems that market research has come back very positive for these machines. an average of 65 male customers per hour can order. that number drops significantly however when women are in the line.

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