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McDonald’s Automated Cashier Demo Video $15 an Hour Replacement

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20 thoughts on “McDonald’s Automated Cashier Demo Video $15 an Hour Replacement

  1. I worked at Burger King for about 6 years when I was younger. It sucked, for sure, but it was not worth $15 an hour. Not by a long shot.

  2. that looks like Santee,

  3. Great solution to get rid of the assholes trying to make a career of bagging frys. Unfortunately it's taking away opportunities for our young people who are trying to make a little extra cash for themselves . whether there students or getting a work ethnic to move on to real jobs. These are entry level jobs period.

  4. at 15/hr your gonna get shittier food, leftovers, dried out fish sandwiches, worse and worse service. What do you think of that?

  5. In Pennsylvania, we don't have anything like that yet. But hopefully gets here soon

  6. Just squirt saltwater down into the keyboards and vents on the robot's. It destroys electronics. Don't be replaced by the greedy rich.

  7. i was like, wait a minute he didn't pay

  8. Finally, maybe the orders will be perfect now. At my MCD's, often there are mistakes. But, this eliminates it, I think.

  9. wow, Dont know what think?

  10. Idiocracy the movie there was no Carl's Jr only a machine the cost for a hamburger was more then a hundred dollars.

  11. humans are going to become obsolete

  12. Bunch of kids are gonna be fake ordering then leaving. Looks like a bootleg version. Next the food will slide out of the machine so all you need are order fillers

  13. Dame very fast

  14. Only thing I can say is be careful what you wish for and also study some basic economics.

  15. Oh wow! I think, I know exactly which mc donalds he's at, near El Cajon by the mall! Which they've closed the drive up kiosk at that mc donalds. At least when I went there, they had those outdoor ones covered up.

  16. 1960s are going be smitten da robot contact my order I'd prefer this to be honest. White girl patios a protest 15 bloodclot or we quit. The robot is probably 6$ an hour I order mc daily I wouldnt wanna b employed there tho lol. Do these men even like patios more justification to protest employed ages range from 16-24 the demographic bloodclot giggles and chuck rainbows. Bloodcloot hows it gonna win just go to wendys its 15$ there prancing worked

  17. some business, not sure if some McDonalds did the 15/hr—-the employees that got 15/hr then wanted reduced hours so they could keep their welfare benefits. If I was making 15/hr I'd work 60 hrs a week if I was allowed to.

  18. let me just say that I work two jobs and don't have any children. but who wants to work two jobs to make ends meet? NO ONE!! if they make the wages high all welfare, low income housing will be gone and that's good. but to say or the suggest people to get two jobs is crazy. what about family and family time? what about a personal life. looking at you girls pics y'all look young, so to me y'all have no idea and have a lot of growing up to do. just go out of your community to see what it really is.

  19. Minimum Wage should not be a basic income stream, but a beginner job for the high schooler, a job that allows someone to be productive while being there for the kids, or a second job to make ends meet.

    $15 per hour for unskilled labor is stupid. The people protesting are termed "useful idiots" because they are used for one purpose: fundraising for the bankrupt unions. These unions stand to gain $15 per sucker per week. That's right, $750 per employee that goes to somebody else as a negotiating fee.

    Here's a dirty little secret on why the mayors of these cities support this. Taxes, yes that's right, $15 per hour drops these little protesters into a higher bracket, so they get a higher percentage of more money; and here's the kicker: if they make too much money, the government pays out less in welfare benefits, so that's a win-win in a local politicians book, more revenue, less expenses and these little mush for brains protesters consider them heroes.

  20. All they need now is kitchen staff and a janitor and perhaps a manager to oversee more than one store. Can't say it looks like a bad move, if the Democraps (note intentional misspelling) keep pushing their agenda, like $15 -$18 minimum wages, no one is even going to have a j.o.b at all. Of course McDonald's is looking at how such a hyper inflated wage would crush their budget, unless they can get the customer to eat the hyper inflated prices.

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