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Mall Kiosks: A Tip to Avoid Their Attacks

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6 thoughts on “Mall Kiosks: A Tip to Avoid Their Attacks

  1. I worked in the mall selling Dead Sea products,we are taught not to take no as an answer unless he is on the phone

  2. I wish I could come to your job and just ignore the shit out of you with this trick:). If we do not hustle, we do not bring bread to our family that day! get over it! its our fucking job!!

  3. What a dumb ass… just say no thank you… and keep walking… that's what coward advice!!!

  4. Nick, can you get that same deal on those same jeans online? Then you wouldn't have to go to the mall, if the shipping is free and you don't have to try on jeans as you already know they'll fit.

  5. You are such a jerk. I work at a mall kiosk, and it is just is trying to work to make money like you. We all work very hard for our money. We probably even harder than you for our money, because we have to put up with assholes like you all day who treat us like we are idiots!!!

  6. Great idea! I'm one of these people who, for some stupid reason, feels obligated to interact with people when they walk up and engage me. I've never been talked into buying anything, but I hate that I allow then to waste my time with their shtick. Very annoying. Thanks for the tip.

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