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Making digital photo print outs (CVS)

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16 thoughts on “Making digital photo print outs (CVS)

  1. why the fuck are you talking like that like it's just a YouTube video wtf…

  2. can you use instagram photos to print out?

  3. And as you hear the sownd, you hear the pictures printing immediately. Very beautiful <3

  4. thanks! :)!

  5. So frustrated watching this after sitting in a cvs trying to figure this shit out , with no help and my cvs had different options. So I didn't learn shit here. It's so annoying how things work these days. I just want my fuckin picture printed out. Why go through all that. Today sucked so bad

  6. you must download that app?

  7. What's the app name?

  8. With this tool I can finally have a decent print of harambe

  9. Is this available at a Walgreens ?

  10. "7/10 Too much waiting." -IGN. Nooo, I'm joking. Very helpful and very cheap. I'm using this for passport photos because I'm a cheap hobo and I don't want to pay that scam price of $10-12 bucks. You have just helped me save about $9.50. 😀


  12. Thankyou so much for this have to print pictures for a audition and this was beyond helpful

  13. Pay? Fuck that I'm walking out with it. Lol

  14. this helps so much i have to print out photos for my project and had no idea how to use this lol

  15. this was very awkward

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