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Make Keys Quick With Minute Key in Lowes – Big Brother Is Watching…

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19 thoughts on “Make Keys Quick With Minute Key in Lowes – Big Brother Is Watching…

  1. A few years ago, some researchers at a university ( I forget which ) figured out how to make copies of keys from images taken of people off the internet. So, if you have ever had your keys out and somebody took a picture of them, it's possible they could be duplicated. Neat, eh?

  2. I have a new roommate moving in tomorrow. She can have my boring silver key, and I'll make a fun new copy with some personality 🙂 seems quick and inexpensive

  3. I just used it at Walmart and the key works well.

  4. I tried these machines on 2 different occasions, 4 different keys, and it never produced a usable key,. The failure is that it selected an incorrect blank.

  5. My key did not work!!! How do I even get a refund???

  6. Rip Off. Key did not work. Still trying to get a refund.

  7. for 1, they most certainly do NOT keep a copy uploaded to the cloud, it scans your inserted key each time it makes a copy, but it stores the info nowhere, as it is sen't directly to the key printer, and then that data disapears

    also these machines clearly only work with certain keys, and you only get a certain choice of keys, while if you have it done by an employee, you can use any key blank you want provided it works

  8. So they have your key imprint (of your home or car), and your credit card information (name and address). Am I the only one who sees this as a security problem?

  9. It looked to me as if you inserted a Schalge (probably SC1) key and the system made you keys on Weiser (WR5) blanks.

  10. we used the minute key kiosk this past weekend and i was very disappointed with the cost versus quality. We had 2 out of the 8 keys that didn't work properly. the quality of the key blanks were very poor as well.

  11. Stick with Locksmith, Keys always Work.

  12. Actually during key cuts the machine locks your key into place, a mechanism gets a blank key, the same mechanism has a tip that TRACES your key. While tracing the mechanism moves with the peaks and valleys in your key simultaneously moving the blank key in and out of a cutter wheel, cutting the copy. Your key is not digitally stored or something, LOL.

  13. they make an extra key…get your credit card info from the inserted card and they break into your home the next time you show you are away by using that card at another location…and tuen they search down your stash …damn big brother is good!

  14. Actually

  15. Wise words Mr. Jockey!

  16. Not a good idea to use. The key to your front door is now stored "in the cloud". Don't feed "The Beast" anymore than you have to.

  17. btw I didn't want to make a copy for that key because it was around 20 dollars or more.

  18. So you can`t pay with cash. I'll stick with my hardware store, thanks for the video.

  19. Email only. It does not request address

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