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Make Any Computer A Touch Screen/Smart Board (1080p HD)

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15 thoughts on “Make Any Computer A Touch Screen/Smart Board (1080p HD)

  1. you should buy an airbar

  2. Or use the wii sensor for the IR thing

  3. HALP! my computer is home built and it does not have bluetooth! ):


  5. Now search for airbar

  6. why cant you just use the wiimote

  7. i gun mack one . thanks

  8. This shit my mouse works better

  9. touch screen is a smart bored non touch sreen dumb bored really….

  10. this is not LED, this is IR Transmitter

  11. One two three, and that worked for me~

  12. How amazing!

  13. that just a stylus pen

  14. He sucks at angry birds

  15. This sucks. The reason why this doesn't work is because you did not show how to attach the led infrared light to the wires and tape. Next time you should try to show how you do it and not show what it looks like. those are two completely different things.

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