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Magic Mike XXL 2015: Final Dance Scene

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11 thoughts on “Magic Mike XXL 2015: Final Dance Scene

  1. Hahaha my god

  2. The girl with the blonde hair is me

  3. I've probably watched this like 7 times right after I finished watching the movie

  4. I fucking need Channing Tatum in my life omg that third song I was dead it had me out of breath

  5. Channing Tatum's wife is one lucky women omg

  6. I am literally speechless right now can I please just have Channing Tatum to do this to me omg

  7. 1:31 You really had to smell on that pussy dont ya ^^

  8. My mom ran in on me while i was watching this and watched the rest of it with me.

  9. excellent

  10. When the cookie monster came up i lost it. My ovaries just couldn't handle.

  11. Amazing

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