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Loading the DNP DSRX1 Photo Printer

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19 thoughts on “Loading the DNP DSRX1 Photo Printer

  1. How To Price In This Pinters

  2. Gostei do produto gostaria de saber quanto custa

  3. Can this printer take different weights of paper? Or is there just 1 kind? Thanks

  4. so how will you know when do you need to change the ribbon and roll? will it tell you how many is left??

  5. looks very nice, and i dont mine the spits some paper out. as longer si fix. my question is it should be a way to be able to take the water mark off and add a costume or have it order to the name of the company the will be nice other than the, is a nice printer

  6. thank you

  7. +ImagingSpectrum Hi, I use this printer every weekend and love it. Always does a great job. 

    I have had an issue however when I change the roll and ribbon that there is always a error. When I open the printer up I can see it jamming on the inside.

    Is there a reason for this? How can I prevent this happening?

  8. Would like to ask there are 4 inch roll type photo printer?

  9. hi
    i have problem with drx1  i print but nothing happen printer is ready and he don't work print if you can help me

  10. Hi! my DSRX1 each 3 or 4 prints get stuck. paper jammed and yellow ink ribbon touched the paper! help!

  11. my DSRX1 no detection to my computer, can you help me pls..

  12. What is the biggest differences between the DSRX1 and the DS-40? Trying to decide wish one to invest in.

  13. How cost-effective is this system compared to the traditional one-hour photo?
    Thank you

  14. How often do we need to clean the dnp rx1? Do you have a video on doing this? thank you! –a frequent customer

  15. Awesome-thank you!

  16. What a size is Dsrx1 , how to change to 6*4 can make ?

  17. How to repair a paper jam. Mine always paper jam after like 10 to 15 printed.. and for your information i just used this printer like a month. So still like new.

  18. Leysa, the 2×6 option is found in the print settings dialog box. We will email you more detailed info.

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