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LEGO police kiosk & sports car custom MOCs

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14 thoughts on “LEGO police kiosk & sports car custom MOCs

  1. So your lego city lives in fear of the police force lol

  2. i hawe rebuilded the same thing
    thanks jang!

  3. That is awesome

  4. Do you take a lot of offense from personal opinions? (in a peacefull order)

  5. make an underwater prison. impossible to escape and surrounded by tons of sharks and octopus

  6. nice I make a helicopter and sportscar

  7. If so would they put them on the back of the bike or would someone come and pick them up.

  8. Would they transport them to the other station or a jail

  9. I like the piece with a gauges on it, adds alot more realism!!!

  10. I'm making a police car

  11. This is so cool

  12. I love it! but just wondering why someone like you stopped after the roof went on?

  13. Jang for your city make a custom forest. You can display your police outpost there.

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