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Lego City 60132 Service Station – Lego Speed Build

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11 thoughts on “Lego City 60132 Service Station – Lego Speed Build

  1. can you please bulid a lego gta san andreas 8-track stadium and a Hotring Racer models a, b and c and a Bloodring Banger models a and b?

  2. Can you please make and bulid a champ car racing cars models 1, 2, 3, and 4?

  3. Can you please make a Dirt Ring Race Stadium and a hotring racer models a, b and c? Please! Help me!

  4. he need to build one more because its 2 in 1

  5. do the 2in1 version

  6. callé!!!

  7. If the ocean colors are backwards, it resembles an Italian flag!

  8. What ist TheThe Name of The Music:8:05 to 0:59 sec

  9. Lego city 2016

  10. мужик то сколько у тебя Лего

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