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Lego Augmented Reality

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19 thoughts on “Lego Augmented Reality

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  5. wow!so cool!

  6. Hey guys
    I know we all hate those stupid promotion videos but this guy really deserves it. So, I have reached over 200 subscribers and I wouldn't even have ten without him. I mean, he's helped me from editing to the lighting. He also does lego epicness, he's a lego candy machine expert! So if you could subscribe to him or view one of his videos, he's love it! Here is his channel:
    youtube . com/astonishingstudios
    (Obviously no space in between the dot)
    Also, plz thumbs this up 4 otherz 2 c!

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  13. SO NICE

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  15. Sucks that Dere is not 1 in NYC

  16. Mind = blown!

  17. its in the lego store in köln,too. 😀

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