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Lays – Potato Machine @labombonerac

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10 thoughts on “Lays – Potato Machine @labombonerac

  1. Them physics tho

  2. كم سعر هذه الماكنه

  3. how I get this at my retail outlet plz call me 9924423035

  4. Why was the potato looking at me?

  5. Fake it's a video

  6. This is not real it's 'led video' see the gravity of potato when it fall down. see the empty package of lays and when it come with potato it's totally reverse. Anyway good concept

  7. Pute comme christelle ?

  8. Bouclette, Epaule en bois, et minimoys sont des cons

  9. This is so animated ! Although I love the idea.
    [Well, they're also showing us that in one packet of Lays we get chips from only one potato. The world knows it]

  10. where is it located?

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