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Las Vegas Deuce on the Strip in HD.

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13 thoughts on “Las Vegas Deuce on the Strip in HD.

  1. Cool channel and vids.. Cant wait for more!! Greetings from the Vegas Strip

  2. where are those ticket selling at? at where the bus stops?

  3. Very good, sat on the whole journey (apart from the boring eight minutes I fast forwarded through as advised) & will be using this bus journey to Fremont Street. I'm going there in four weeks time. I'm 54 years old but I'm so excited I'm like a little kid!!! (Good Video – I'm living Las Vegas already)

  4. Good video. Can we purchase the tickets on board?

  5. How much do you pay for the trip?

  6. Love watching this video when I am homesick for the best city in the world! I love Vegas!

  7. the street is lovely and the driver very calm in driving the bus. the roads are wider too.

  8. very good very nice

  9. Maravilha!!!

  10. it looks like time management will have to be made by me it takes 4ever to ride the strip it seems. lol

  11. this is great for people who can't walk for long periods and the cheapest Trans in town, and it runs 24/7

  12. Mabey edit out all the waiting at red lights

  13. were there many blacks on the bus?

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