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L1News: 2017-03-07 Nintendo Taste Trip

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11 thoughts on “L1News: 2017-03-07 Nintendo Taste Trip

  1. Timestamps are in the description. Sorry so late!


    00:00 Intro

    00:57 Ryzen Crescendo

    03:14 Intel Still Hasn't Paid Anti-Trust Fine to AMD

    04:55 US Police agencies with DNA databases

    06:47 WordPress Plugin found to have a major SQL injection flaw

    08:24 Cloudpets Teddy Bears data leaked and ransoms

    10:26 Researcher Breaks reCAPTCHA Using Google's Speech Recognition API

    12:16 W3C- EME in HTML5

    14:14 Canadian DMCA vs Modders

    15:52 Uber software that identifies and sidesteps code enforcement

    18:38 One Bitcoin is Worth more than One Ounce of Gold

    19:37 Snapchat IPO opened trading at $24 a share

    20:14 Moscow Billboards Targets Ads based on the Car you're Driving

    21:57 SpaceX flight around the moon- Coming Soon

    23:58 Blue Origin "Amazon-like" Moon Delivery

    24:54 Dropping Rocks from the Moon

    26:05 Apple Is Expanding it's War with Qualcomm

    26:37 Right to Repair

    30:24 Li-Ion Battery Inventor Creates Solid-State Battery

    31:50 Why is everyone licking their video game cartridges

    34:27 1,000 Wendy's will get self-ordering kiosks

    37:03 3D Printing a House

    39:28 Scientists have found a way to Rapidly thaw Cryopreserved Tissue Without Damage

    42:09 Outro

  2. To whom it may concern
    i wanted to ask a question about the right to repair laws to whoever may want to discuss this, as far as i understand this would mean that repair shops and other small businesses would be shut down completely. My question is what do you think the ramifications would be if any against people who repair or modify their own consoles at home (as long as they have the necessary experience)?

  3. im done with nintendo, they are pushing their agenda far past actual piracy

  4. It wasn't just in the EU, it's just if you look into it, for a long time now the USA have been extremely lax on litigating anti-trust laws, monopolies and monolithic conglomerates have been becoming the norm. even though it hasn't been confirmed in the court of law, i've seen a lot of reports over the years pointing out to intel doing the exact same strategies in the US and other markets, whether they backed off after the EU verdict is another debate entirely. The compiler debacle (where they disabled all optimal paths and many x86 features when the "genuineIntel" string was absent from the CPU) cost them over a billion too, and instead of removing this discrimination from the compiler, they just added a footnote to the documentation informing people it was doing it.

  5. the nintendo mindcontrol: yeah. like lsd. Zelda? its pretty much like a lsd trip.

  6. so spybot immunization great thing to run.

  7. Didn't AMD's Bulldozer line of CPUs have issues after launch where Windows had to update to support it properly?

  8. This type of marketing, isn't this similar to what you guys did to Wendell? So I coin the term em-and-em-ing, to hype to a state of sugar overload trance like. Alternatively we can call it Wendell-ing?

  9. Isn't the moon rock thing from the book 'The Moon is a harsh mistress'? I swear that sounds exactly like what they did in that book.

  10. congrats on 150k sub's. the start of a exciting journey.

  11. Combine drugs and this fad of over hyping things:

    PPC – Public perception catastrophe

    in use: "After the recent AMD controversy, those self entitled gamers are running in the street mad on PPC!"

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