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Kursk Submarine Disaster

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13 thoughts on “Kursk Submarine Disaster

  1. Why Is the music louder than the voice of the narrator ? 🙁

  2. So, they wait a day to do anything, then take there time with getting a rescue vehicle that didnt even work very good, refuse help from other countries that have better equipment, THEN BLAME AMERICA FOR SINKING THE SUB? Then finally give permission for the divers to go down when everyone knows its to late?

  3. interesting, but the narrator's voice literally was putting me to sleep

  4. listen to this bull about russia lying , did hillary lie about benghazi ?

  5. In the TRUMP era-what's new?–governments allow people to die–or kill them in dishonest and dubious military adventures- in order to "look tough" or to cover their collective rear sphinctres. Russia does it. Trump does it. What else is new?
    This years-ago Discovery Channel documentary with its hopeful ending is from an earlier era–when hype, "reality TV" lies and fake news did not rule US media and politics.

  6. american propaganda

  7. "in the tradition of the Russian military is to do nothing"

  8. Fucking Russia has to be a wise ass! Russia can go nuke them self! I hope all those Russian admirals burn to death and go to hell! Because is country like US and U.K. Hand u help to save all your people when you know they are dying and u slap it away cause u don't give a shit about your people. So next time u fucking get mules by North Korea and ask for help US is going to say fuck u and let all your people die. Fucking Russian army sucks my dick. (Not offending Russian citizens. This is going to the military leaders. )

  9. Russians, putting much elsewhere needed resources into some weapons, then not maintaining them properly, lying to its people, thinking they can keep them stupid and uninformed, which they can't, to save face, which they can't, not accepting freely offered help, because cold war nonsense, not caring about people for a second, letting them all die, and even drugging a mother. What… the actual… fuck….
    And why is that insane megalomaniac Putin still president ? He really needs an assassination.

  10. There is another story of this so called accident… And US is involved in it…

  11. haha he said shaft like 10 times

  12. Great topic,thanks,always was curious as I never stopped not trusting these men

  13. I love submarines

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