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Kiosks Going In All 14,000 US McDonalds

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6 thoughts on “Kiosks Going In All 14,000 US McDonalds

  1. Cashiers->Additional Cookers.

  2. Cashiers->Additional cookers.

  3. Great! Pple at the cashier sometimes fuck up the order or have a prick of an attitude

  4. McDonald's CEO's probably has a hard time convincing anybody that McDonald's will even be around in another 10 years, but PR can help, just convince people that bad ingredients makes for delicious, healthy food and keep people distracted by changing the menus while still using the same bad ingredients.

  5. Go to McDonalds for a nice tasty burger, shit out onto a bun by a machine. Enjoy. 😀

  6. Mc Matrix.

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