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Kiosk to Retail Convertor [4.55]!

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11 thoughts on “Kiosk to Retail Convertor [4.55]!

  1. I think Glitcher96 got sued because his YouTube channel got removed and so did his website. And also he is not active on his personal skype. Glitcher96 made the kiosk 4.46 firmware

  2. Sony will NEVER release private keys for ANY console.. lmao That is saying "Hey everybody! Come hack our console and fuck up every game out there…"

  3. and they say that hopefully sony releases the private keys or something soon before the ps4 comes out what do they mean?

  4. The person that "released" the kiosk firmware? That is fake, and even if he did release something he would get sued for it so it is VERY unlikely.. who knows, if he does, props to him. 😉

  5. well is the rumour true about GLITCHERS96's thats going to have a cfw for 4.46 in the future?

  6. it onlylets you on bypass

  7. Thanks so much bro. Now I can flash my ps3 without me worrying about bricking it.

  8. Well can i still play with resigned save game data

  9. What's Kiosk?

  10. hey um doing this didnt work for me any help? :/

  11. You can buy a 3.55 PS3 on ebay, or you could downgrade your PS3.

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