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Kiosk Playstation System – a brief introduction

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5 thoughts on “Kiosk Playstation System – a brief introduction

  1. Why the hell would anyone buy this? It doesn't work…

  2. that explains the cut wire on one of my psx systems

  3. box in the back:hp pc

  4. Well actually most of that is right but nintendo actually found sony wanted all the copyrights basically not showing any of nintendo's work (they found out about this when talking to Philips on something different) but also the psx was the follow up system for the ps2 which was the first to use the xmb (xcross media bar) which was primarily a dvd player and dvr system with a hard disk with the ability to plas ps1/2 games with support fot the ds2 comtroller(en.wikipedia()org/wiki/PlayStation_X).

  5. Pretty interesting item, would be cool to see what they did to it.

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