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Kiosk Collection, Xbox, 360, Dreamcast, PSP, PS3

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12 thoughts on “Kiosk Collection, Xbox, 360, Dreamcast, PSP, PS3

  1. Hi , I do have a question. Do you happen to have a key for your PSP kiosk ? I'd like to look at it if you don't mind .

  2. Just about buying a xbox 360 one, your xbox looks amazing and is pretty hard to find. Also have the chance of buying a dreamcast kiosk but it is really pricey and looks tottaly different then yours (EU version). Wich one would you want from all the kiosk's.

  3. Dreamcast kiosk love it

  4. Hi do you know what games are on the psp kiosk disc 4 please let me know thank you

  5. Alright thanks! The condition of the whole is practically mint aside from where you stand. And the tv is mint too. Not a scratch! I don't mind printing out the ads because it doesn't have any! Thanks for the prompt reply!

  6. it really depends on the condition. The tv alone is worth maybe 100… psp systems are pretty cheap, and if you're a collector you prolly have a few laying around. The inserts/ads are virtually impossible to find in mint condition. If you dont care if your inserts are just printed, then it doesn't matter. I would pay 200 to 250 for a complete and mint psp kiosk. Just to give you an idea, i sold a psp kiosk the other day for 100, it did not include the tv or the psp.

  7. I'm thinking of buying a PSP kiosk (I found a seller) and Iit costs 300$… Is it worth it?

  8. I have a ps3 one. where do you plug in the power adapter in the kiosk? have a dangling plug next to the network cable inside but alas, does not fit the retail adapter that comes with it.

  9. Can you give me information where I can buy these kiosk ?? Thank you .

  10. can u tell me on the xbox kiosk how many switches there are or where i would be able to find the lighting box the only light that turns on mine is the very top….a reply would be much appreciated thanks

  11. Thanks!

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